Start Here

The steps below walk you through building a website for the first time.

The following are recordings of myself building this website, so it really does cover every step.

Instructions are easy to follow and I guarantee that anyone can do it.

If you do get stuck, please feel free to reach out to me. I'm here to help.


Step 1: Finding Your Perfect Website Domain Name


The first step in creating your online website to purchase a domain name.  This is the name of your website and should closely match to your business name or the goals of your company.  Do not take this step lightly.  You want to think about this maybe more than anything else you do.  Make sure you select a domain (website) name that stands out and is easily remembered.

In this video I step you through 11 Tips for what to do and what not to do when purchasing a domain name.

When done, check out the document below for a bonus tip not discussed in the video.


Step 2: Purchasing Your Domain Name


Once you have found the Perfect domain name for your website, the next step is to purchase.

Follow the links below to buy through one of my recommended vendors.  If you do, I earn a few dollars which allows me to keep this website running.  (I appreciate it!)

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Step 3: Finding a Web Host / Building your Website


Now that you have successfully purchased and AWESOME domain name.  The next step is to start creating your website.

The video to the right steps you through building a website with my preferred website host Zoho.

Don't worry, the end of this video shows you how to correctly tie your website back to your domain name.


Step 4: Signing up for Email


Once your website has been created, you should sign up for a custom email address.

This is

Since you already own the domain, go ahead and distinguish yourself from everyone else who has a gmail or yahoo email address.