By: Paul | February 24, 2017


Monthly Review

Welcome to my January, 2017 monthly review post. This is where I get to tell you what I’ve been up to and what I have done over the preceding month that has worked well and what hasn’t. It is also my opportunity to share with you the why behind my decisions.

Starting in January, I have decided to focus on putting out higher quality content. To start, I spent a long time reviewing previous content looking at what could make it “better”. While I have a bunch of notes on what can be improved, the overarching theme is to continue to create the same content, but to deliver it more concisely. That is to say an original video that was 48:00 minutes long could have been delivered in 20:00 minutes. While this will require more editing...

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By: Paul | November 15, 2016


An Intro Video is a short clip between 10-15 seconds that play before a longer video.

Think of the roaring lion for MGM Studios.

This helps to create a consistent image and brand on every video you publish.  Another benefit is that it creates a short buffer to start the video.  Take a minute to look at my first 9 videos and you will see that each one starts immediately with me looking into the camera and talking.  The effect is abrupt and I'll be honest a little unnerving.  The Intro Video in this case helps to create a smoother transition with the viewer.

With that said, please watch the YouTube video below.  Pull up a second monitor to follow along and learn about a pretty awesome piece of free software from

I think you'll be ...

By: Paul | June 17, 2016

So what does it take to start an online business or website?

For many people, this question is enough to stop them from ever trying. It's easy to find a website or tutorial to help you create a website.

But then what?

Are there certain elements of a website that are popular?

Do you need an About Page, Contact Us Page, ecommerce store.

Or maybe you should start with Social Media and try to build a following first!

What is most important?

To help answer this question.  I compiled 15 steps that I'll be taking to create this website.

Hopefully this gives you a little clarification on where you should start.

(Tip: even what I discuss here likely won't be exactly what I do.  Let your own situation dictate the next steps and don't worry too much about any...

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