By: Paul | November 12, 2016


Today's video covers how to create a Template Document using Microsoft Word.

This is vitally important to your business as it allows you to save a default layout for any documentation you create in the future.

Benefits include:

-Always use the same font

-Never forget Header & Footer elements

-Watermark (to help prevent others from stealing your work)

-Cover Page

-Save as a 'Word Template' (*.dotx) to ensure you don't accidentally save over your template

Category: Marketing 

Tags: Word, Template 

By: Paul | August 27, 2016

In today's video I go over how to create a logo from beginning to end. 

This includes what software (Inkscape) to use along with my thoughts on what makes a good and bad logo.

Although this is a long video in YouTube standards; the whole process takes less than an hour!

That is unbelievable, especially considering it may take that long just to research and "start" contacting graphic designers.

Read past the video for a link to download my pen/paper drawings to get an idea of my thought process.