By: Paul | November 04, 2016

Today's video covers the basics of YouTube.

This is a long video, but it goes over every step of the process.

Keep in mind that many of these steps only need to be done once, then you'll have a great template for uploading future videos.

Please let me know your thoughts or suggestions.

Topics Covered:

 * Creating YouTube channel art 2560 x 1440 pixels (px)
 * Setting YouTube channel icon 800 x 800 px
 * Writing your Channel Description
 * Uploading your first video
 * Creating a custom thumbnail
 * Changing your video thumbnail
 * Writing your video description

 * Tips for the Video Description and Tags
and much more...

Category: Video 

Tags: Logo, Inkscape, YouTube 

By: Paul | October 06, 2016

Today's video covers how to create a website using service.

Items covered include:

  • Tips on selecting a template
  • Edit the site details
  • Modifying the home page
  • Add a sidebar
  • Set logo
  • Banner image
  • Domain configuration!  (this is big)
  • and more...

My hope and goal is that this helps you in some way.

Category: Website 

Tags: GoDaddy, Logo, Inkscape, Zoho, Domain 

By: Paul | August 27, 2016

In today's video I go over how to create a logo from beginning to end. 

This includes what software (Inkscape) to use along with my thoughts on what makes a good and bad logo.

Although this is a long video in YouTube standards; the whole process takes less than an hour!

That is unbelievable, especially considering it may take that long just to research and "start" contacting graphic designers.

Read past the video for a link to download my pen/paper drawings to get an idea of my thought process.