By: Paul | December 05, 2016

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, there is a reason your business should sign up for Instagram and not use it.

For a small business owner, creating and maintaining a website, creating new content, and interacting with your customers can quickly become a job on it's own.  (not to mention the job you already have of building your business).

Add multiple Social Media profiles to the mix and all of a sudden all this extra work becomes overwhelming.

Yet, we know how important having a Social Media presence can be.  Having a place where customers can find and interact with you is incredibly valuable.  You can't abandon it completely, so what should you do?

I suggest focusing on ONE social media platform only.  For myself, ...

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By: Paul | July 10, 2016

In today's video we cover a lot of steps in starting your online presence.

Don't worry, signing up for these services takes less than 30 minutes.

    1) Gmail

    2) Purchasing a domain name

    3) Twitter

    4) Instagram

(Read past the video for more information and to download the 'Domain Name Tips.pdf'.)

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