By: Paul | December 01, 2016


If you've been following my weekly video series, then you know that I've been focusing on creating a website and publishing content through a Blog and YouTube video series.  During this time, I have not"told"  anyone about what I've been doing.  The only people who know are those who have stumbled across any of my content.

Content is what you create for people to read, watch, or listen.  Most common examples would be Blog Posts, Podcasts, and Videos.  

The next logical step is to start spreading your message.  This is something you don't want to wait on.  If you're waiting for your site to look "just right" or you're waiting to get "noticed" by a celebrity, then you'll never succeed.  We don't expect our children to walk before they crawl and to have perfect penmanship in First Grade.  So, don't expect perfection from yourself either.  It's simple, the more you do, the better you'll get.  Embrace your mistakes.  Fall down, write a crappy article, get on Social Media and do it wrong.  You will survive and you will get better.

With that rant over, today's video focuses on marketing your message through Social Media.  Perhaps the biggest strength of the Internet is the ability to spread your message to millions of people quickly with little to no cost.  Social Media allows you to connect with potential customers and fans by going to where they are.

A simple analogy is a restaurant.  Most traditional restaurants have a single location where they rely on customers to physically come through the doors in order to get their business.  Your website in a way is this traditional restaurant.  You are relying on visitors to come to your site in order to get their business. 

An alternative to (or even better a complement to) a restaurant is a Food Truck.  With a food truck you can go to the people instead of waiting on them to come to you.  If there is a fair in town, you would drive your truck to the fair!  Social Media is your Food Truck.  People are there, so it is only logical that you go there as well.

One last piece of advice before the video.  I suggest you start with Social Media slowly.  Instead of jumping on every Social Media site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest; I suggest focusing on ONE social media site.  My focus will be Twitter, but by all means start with whatever platform you know or enjoy using.  As you put a process in place, then expand into other areas.  Avoid the burnout of managing 10 Food Trucks (social media profiles).

Twitter Profile Notes:

Profile Header Size: 1500px x 500px

Don't forget to PIN one of your Tweets that best exemplifies what it is you do.  This is the tweet that will show at the top of your profile whenever someone clicks on your profile.
I tend to pin a tweet referencing my latest video.

With that said, best of luck and please let me know how Social Media is working for you!

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