By: Paul | December 12, 2016

and why you should want to!

Quick, off the top of your head.

Name one suggestion that will make your blog better?


If you said 'add images' then you are correct!

Way to go!

If you said something else, well you could be right but that's not the purpose of this article, so I'm going to ignore it.  (benefits of being the writer)

Plenty of research show that adding images to your blog will attract more clicks, likes, and shares.  And what is the point of creating an article if it won't be shared?

The solution to most writers is to spend hours trying to find that ONE image that perfectly sums for their article.  Once found, they have to figure out how to properly accredit the owner and possibly even pay to use the image.

There is also the question of are you able to modify the image?  Can you add text on top of the image to convey your point more accurately?

All of this frustration for what?

In reality, it is time wasted.  Images will catch the eye and engage the reader to your article.  But we must be honest with ourselves.  Images reinforce but don't replace the content.  Your words are what matters.

Does it matter what kind of image I add to my articles?

The answer is yes and no.  

I don't suggest using an image of Giraffes in an article discussing the benefits of adopting a dog from the shelter.  

But I do realize that just the act of adding any image to your article, breaks the monotony of text and engages the reader's other senses.

So yes, if Giraffes are the only picture you have, then go ahead and add it to your dog article.  

But you and I both know, you can do better.

Use an image that will enhance the article and not be a distraction.

I provide value :)

Does the image above provide any value not already discussed?  No

Does it enhance the article by re-stating an opinion?  Yes!!

Though you can spend your time browsing hundreds of stock photo sites and millions of photos, we both know there has to be a better way!  (sounds like an image quote, doesn't it?)

The answer is blindingly obvious.

Create your own!

You easily have the ability to fully customize your image to show exactly what you want and you don't have to worry about copyright!

If you use another person's image without properly crediting them then your post, blog, even entire site can be removed.

This is not something you want to deal with.

How to get started creating your own awesome blog image!

In the video below I step you through the entire process of creating your own custom blog image.  We use the awesome free vector and drawing program

After you're down, use the comments section below to let me know what you create.

I look forward to seeing your work!


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