By: Paul | January 11, 2017


Today's video covers an important portion of your website that is often overlooked.  How to set defaults for text, background, headings, menu, and so on.

When building a website, most people choose to stick with the default elements of the theme.  This is fine in most situations as the theme has been built with a certain look and feel.  However, if you are wanting to stick out a little bit from everyone else; or if you are proactive enough to have your own company colors and font face, then you will definitely want to check out this video.

Picking your company's color scheme can been seen in this video:

How to Create Your Company Logo for Free! 

Setting Your Defaults

To set your defaults using Zoho Sites, edit your website and navigate to Themes > Visual Editor.


This will bring up the following menu at the top of your screen.


Notice the tabs on the left hand side:

  • Background - sets the background for the header (top of your page).

  • Section - is split up in 5 sections
For each section, you can set Font, Background, and Colors
    • Body - the main portion of your website.
        I highly suggest filling this in so your defaults can be set on every page         and every blog post you create.
    • Sidebar - a box on the right or left side of the page which is usually filled with navigation links, updates (such as the Twitter feed you see on the right hand side of this page), advertisements, and sign up forms.
    • Footer - the very bottom part of your webpage.  Usually has site navigation links and disclaimers.
    • Site Name - This is the text at the top of the screen.  For this website it is big 'LUNCH HOUR WEB'
    • Caption - Also at the top of the page. On this site it says 'Build Your Lunch Hour'

  • Heading - This section allows you to select the default Heading characteristics.  You will notice this option box appears whenever you are writing text on your website.

  • Links - Change how links appear on your website.  Including color, hover properties and so on.  (Sample link here: YouTube Channel)

  • Menu - This is the main navigation of your website.  Usually has Home, About, Blog, etc.  I suggest going larger with your font size in this area to really highlight how viewers can navigate your site.
  • Submenu - related to menu, related pages can be shown in a drop-down when hovering your cursor over the navigation links.

  • Highlight Box - can be seen in the box below

This is a highlight box.  

Notice how it changes the look and feel of the text and image within the box.



  • Tables - are like a mini spreadsheet within a webpage.  Each cell can be filled with text or images.  An example table of vehicles can be seen below.

 Make Model Year
 Chrysler S300 2015
 Dodge Charger 2012

  • Newsletter Subscription - this is how Newsletter sign up information will be displayed when using Zoho's newsletter product: Campaigns.

In Conclusion

I hope that this quick video and blog post have helped you subtract some time from your day.
While this video won't likely draw many views; it maybe one of my favorites.  Setting defaults will allow me to save a tremendous amount of time and also give the benefit of keeping a consistent look and feel to all of my webpages.

If this has been helpful to you, please let me know in the comments below!

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