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Monthly Review

Welcome to my January, 2017 monthly review post. This is where I get to tell you what I’ve been up to and what I have done over the preceding month that has worked well and what hasn’t. It is also my opportunity to share with you the why behind my decisions.

Starting in January, I have decided to focus on putting out higher quality content. To start, I spent a long time reviewing previous content looking at what could make it “better”. While I have a bunch of notes on what can be improved, the overarching theme is to continue to create the same content, but to deliver it more concisely. That is to say an original video that was 48:00 minutes long could have been delivered in 20:00 minutes. While this will require more editing on the back end, it should be easier for viewers to follow and implement the core concepts of each video.

With that said, I will be re-publishing existing videos with all the ‘extra’ content removed.

A great example is Create a website using Zoho Sites

The original video (long version) is 48:04 in length, while the short version is only 19:14.


Although the metrics you see below will be small (relative to more successful bloggers), I want to urge you to focus on the growth.  If you are writing your own blog, don’t concern yourself with how you compare to others, instead focus on how you compare to yourself from one month ago.  See the growth in yourself and the rest will fall in place.

With that said, let’s get started!

January Happenings

All of the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Seasons have wrapped up and like everyone else, I have my own New Year resolutions.  First and foremost, my resolution is to spend quality time with my family.  While my children are young, my highest goal is to enjoy the daily activities from basketball practice to reading bedtime stories.  Living in the moment can be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Content Updates


January 6th

Video: Create a website using Zoho sites - Short Version

Google Search Console Verification & Setup - #Signup

Blog Post: Google Search Console Login and Overview

The first video:  Create a website using Zoho sites – Short Version; as discussed above is my first task of taking a current video and shortening the content to make it quicker and easier to follow for viewers.  Already this has proved effective as it is now my third most popular video.

The second video and corresponding blog post help step a website owner through signing up for the Google Search Console product.  This is a great tool for you to use to review and find other websites that link to your content and more importantly which search keywords your website ranks highly.  I welcome you to review both the video and blog post to learn more about this tool.

January 13th

Video: Google Drive Account Sign Up

Blog Post: Why a Solopreneur should Sign Up for Google Drive before having a team.

Google Drive, as most people know is a tool that allows you to save and access files from any computer simply by logging into your Google (Gmail) account.  But this tool isn’t limited to online backup of your files, it also allows you to share files with others.  Even if you don’t have a team, this tool can be incredibly helpful.

January 18th

Video: Embed Blog or RSS Feed into Webpage

This is my first video directed at answering a viewer’s question.  The question in short asked how to display blog posts on different pages of your website.  In researching an answer to this question, I ran across a neat tool called feedwind which allows you to display your recent blog posts on any page.


If you’d like to view the question or related video, please click here: Start a Blog using Zoho Sites

January 25th

Video: How to Change Links on your Website to Flat Design

This has been one of my favorite videos that I’ve created in a while.  In this video, I step a user from updating on image to have a flat design look and feel.  This can be seen by the examples below.  The look of your website can have a tremendous effect on viewers.  Taking a small amount of time and adjusting something like an image can make a big difference in how long a visitor spends on your site and how professional they view you and your business.

Original Image
Updated Flat Design Image

Metric Breakdowns

As you saw at the beginning of the article, I have published a few metrics that I’m going to be monitoring each month to help determine how the website is growing.  These metrics will also prove useful with identifying how the processes implemented that month have affected growth.

Website Views

If you’re using Zoho sites, this can be found by navigating to My Sites > Manage > Statistics

This high level metric simply shows how many times my site was visited by month.  I plan to incorporate Google Analytics in a future video, but for now this will give me enough information to get started.

January saw a decline in the number of visitors, but that is a little to be expected since I haven’t been posting as frequently on Twitter. 



Website Views

Website Growth

% Website Growth











YouTube Metrics

There are many metrics that can be found in YouTube such as watch times, average duration, likes, and more.  However, I suggest focusing on a few metrics at a time and work to improve the numbers.


This is simply a count of how many people have seen your videos and have ‘liked’ you enough to Subscribe to your channel.  Each subscriber is a potential client.  More importantly, I’m watching this count closely as once I reach 100 subscribers I can create a custom URL.  Such as 

In January, I grew by 5 subscribers.  This continues the trend of gaining more subscribers every month.  I am happy with this growth and hope it continues in an upward trend.  Utilizing the YouTube end screen has been helpful as it is a call to action for every viewer to subscribe to my channel or watch a related video.



YouTube Subscribers

YT Subscriber Growth

% YT Subscriber Growth











Total Video Views

The numbers below are the total number of views for all of my videos on YouTube.

January saw more growth as my channel gained another 631 views.  This can be attributed to a number of reasons, but something to remember is that the more content you publish, the more likely someone will stumble across it and watch.  Not every video will do well.  I still have videos with less than 10 total views.  But each month, as more videos get published, those older videos will continue to attract views and you never know when your next video is going to hit the right nerve and do very well.


My top video Create a website using Zoho sites gained another 291 views to total 779 views.  Just again another reminder that you never know which video will help your channel, so just keep creating!



YouTube Views


% Growth











Twitter Followers

The last metric I’m going to watch (for now) is Twitter Followers.  These are the number of people that see my tweets.  The higher this number, the more likely I am to hit an interested reader and drive traffic back to my site or YouTube playlist.

January saw a smaller increase than December.  I have stopped following as many people every day and instead am focusing more on my content creation and making it ‘better’ rather than trying to spread less professional content to more users.



Twitter Followers

Twitter Growth

% Growth











Final Thoughts

January always brings a new year and new resolutions.  I haven’t made any big changes to my approach or schedule, but I have taken the time to reflect on what I can improve and where I want to spend my time.  I enjoy creating videos and uploading them to YouTube over writing blog posts and writing updates for Social Media.  At the same time, I understand that it is a combination of work that will help myself and my website succeed.  I can’t just abandon some work and only focus on one aspect.  That is to say, I will continue to work on every aspect of my business and continue to improve my skills with each post, video, and comment.

As always, my best hope for you and whatever you are trying to do.  I hope that I have helped you in some way and if so, please let me know in the comments below.

Take care everyone,

Paul Stevens

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