By: Paul | December 20, 2016


How to best use Twitter for business.....the question that has plagued businesses for decades.  Ok, so only one decade.  (Twitter was founded in 2006)

While I don't have an answer to that question, I can help you better schedule your posts.

If you are a small business or solopreneur, this can be a tremendous help.

Why should you schedule posts?

To free up your time!

The primary focus of your business is to create a product or service.
Anything that takes away from this mission is holding you back from succeeding.

Social Media can and will hold you back.

Twitter and Facebook can be huge time wasters.

Only after you create your product should you focus on delighting your customers and this is where Social Media can shine.  

Use tools like to interact, share, connect, and delight your customers.
You may even gain new customers too!

Remember though, you must be effective in your approach.

Some items should NOT be automated.
    • Replying to comments
    • Commenting on trending topics
    • Posting live during events.  

These are all things that need your immediate attention.
Don't wait until the Superbowl is over.
Jump on the topic and post about it when other people are watching.

What to Schedule?

This is the easy question.

Schedule posts using Buffer on the following topics:
    • Sharing content you have already created
    • Sharing news articles
    • Sharing blog posts from other websites
    • General comments and quotes
    • Sharing fun or interesting photos of your business or workplace
    • Basically anything that isn't time sensitive

If you have already created the content, don't just share it once.  Add your blog post or video to your Buffer queue and share it multiple times.  Just avoid being spammy by changing the images and message. 

Mix up your message!

If you read an awesome article that you think your followers would like.

Buffer it.

Want to share inspirational quotes?  Buffer it!

If it doesn't need immediate attention, then Buffer it.

By doing this you will have time to focus on your main goal.  Building your business.

What are your thoughts?

How has Buffer helped you?  Let me know!

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