By: Paul | January 03, 2017

Download Font Awesome to Boost your Blog!

We all know the importance of blog images in posts.

Even the best crafted message will still be improved with a well placed and well designed image.

Today's video focuses on improving your blog by inserting Font Awesome scalable vector icons into your blog images to take them to the next level.

Scalable Vector - means the image can be resized as big or as small as you want without pixelation.

Not sure what I mean, take a look at the following slideshow and think about which image would you want in your post.

Now that you know how Font Awesome can help your images and your blog, the next step is to get started.

Don't worry, it's very easy and I think you'll be finding yourself using this awesome resource a LOT going forward.

Download Font Awesome Icons

The first step to insert Font Awesome icons into your blog images is to download Font Awesome for free.
This can be done here:
Once installed, navigate to the Fonts Folder and double click on FontAwesome.otf.
(don't worry, I cover this in the video below so you can see exactly what to install and where to click)

Paste the Font Awesome icon into Inkscape

After the Font Awesome font is installed on your pc, you can start embedding icons into your blog images.
To do this we'll be using the free vector graphic software: Inkscape.
I've covered this tool a few times in previous blog posts and videos, so if you're not familiar with this tool, check out the links below.
Inkscape can be found here:
Previous blog posts: Click here  
Previous videos: YouTube

Once Inkscape is open, you will look at the Font Awesome Cheat Sheet here: (I suggest saving this link to your favorites)

Find the icon you want to insert in your blog image, then copy the image (not the text).  I cover this at the 6:14 mark in the video below so you can see exactly what to do.

The last step is to insert a text box in Inkscape and paste your image.
Note: It has come to attention after recording that you do not need to select the FontAwesome font within Inkscape.  Simply paste the icon in the text box and then resize, recolor, and move wherever you need.

Let's see your work!

I really hope this has helped you with your blog or blog images.  If so, please share with me in the comments below, I'd love to see what you create!

All references and use of Font Awesome on this website or any images are so thankfully credited to "Dave Gandy -".

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