By: Paul | January 05, 2017

 Month Year Website Views Growth % Growth
 11 2016 280 190 211.11%
 12 2016 393 113 40.36%
 Month Year YouTube Views Growth % Growth
 11 2016 480 195 68.42%
 12 2016 981 501 104.38%
 Month Year Twitter Followers Growth % Growth
 11 2016 210 210
 12 2016 614 404 192.38%

Monthly Review

Welcome to my December monthly review blog post.  This is where I get to tell you what I’ve been up to and what I have done over the preceding month that has worked well and what hasn’t.  It is also my opportunity to share with you the why behind my decisions.  Overall, December was spent continuing my focus on Twitter and putting out consistent content.  (blog posts and YouTube videos)

Although the metrics you see below will be small (relative to more successful bloggers), I want to urge you to focus on the growth.  If you are writing your own blog, don’t concern yourself with how you compare to others, instead focus on how you compare to yourself from one month ago.  See the growth in yourself and the rest will fall in place.

With that said, let’s get started!

December Happenings

December for me, as I’m sure it is for you, is one of the busiest months of the year.  Christmas shopping, decorating, and visiting with family and friends take a lot of focus and spare time.  Although I knew this extra Holiday “stuff” would distract me from building this website, I strongly planted myself with enjoying life at the present moment.  Instead of worrying about getting the next blog post or video published, I focused on family and holiday activities.

To help with the added busy’ness, I recorded multiple videos ahead of time.  This proved extremely helpful as I was able to keep on track of publishing training videos on Friday of each week.  This is something I strongly suggest you do as well.  Build a back catalog of videos, blog posts, or whatever content you create.  Sometimes you will know ahead of time when you’ll be busy, but often as life has a way of going, something urgent will present itself unannounced.  Having a catalog of work releases that extra worry from your mind during these events.

I also want to take this time to encourage everyone to take time out of their day and focus on friends and family and enjoy the little times spent with the ones you love.  Your blog post can wait.  Your Social Media updates won’t be important 10 years from now.  The memories of your time spent with loved ones will be what you remember and look back upon fondly.  Of course, we all have a job to do, so I recommend preparing ahead of time to ensure you can spend time wisely and without guilt.

To sum up my focus for December, I would say preparation.

Content Updates


December 2nd

Video: YouTube End Screen Editor Tutorial Video 

Blog Post: YouTube's End Screen Editor is here and it is easier than you think!

YouTube has a nice new feature called ‘End Screen Editor’ which allows you to redirect viewers at the end of your video to Subscribe to your channel and watch one of your previous videos.  The video and blog post above covers how to set up and add these links to the end of your videos.  The longer you can keep people watching your videos, the more chance you have to build a connection and follower.

December 9th

Video: How to use Buffer for Twitter - Tutorial

Blog Post: How to use Buffer for Twitter

As discussed in the November, 2016 month in review article; we all know the importance of spreading your message after creating content.  Again, what is the point of creating a blog post or video just to let it sit there and never be seen?

Buffer is an extraordinary tool that can help you schedule posts to Twitter or other various Social Media platforms.  It excels by allowing you to schedule updates without becoming spammy and by allowing you to not have to focus on consistently checking in and posting messages throughout the day.  Spend a few minutes in the morning to schedule your tweets and spend the rest of your day focusing on your main job – your business!

I don’t have an affiliate with this company, I just truly love their product and strongly suggest it everyone.

December 16th

Video: Blog SEO and Keyword Tutorial Video

Blog Post: How to use SEO and Keyword Research for your Blog Posts

We have all heard the terminology before, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Keyword Research.  But what exactly does it mean for a small business or blogger?  I used this video to explain how keywords can help your blog articles or website pages appear higher in Google search results.  Hopefully they will help you get noticed in the future as well.  I’m also always curious for any tips or tricks that I may have left out.  If you can think of any, please let me know in the comments below.

December 23rd

Video: How to insert Font Awesome Icons into Inkscape

Blog Post: Watch your blog metrics soar by downloading Font Awesome and adding to your blog images

Today was Christmas Eve-Eve or as my father always says, “the penultimate day before Christmas.”  Although I was busy with my kids home from school, I did manage to upload one of those pre-recorded videos.  The purpose of this blog and video post were to help optimize your blog images to appear more professional and more engaging to your audience.  Look at the following images as a prime example of how adding simple Font Awesome icon can improve engagement and increase readers to your website.

December 30th

Video: Set Defaults on Zoho Sites - Elements & Visual Editor

Blog Post:  Not posted yet.

Now that you’ve been using Zoho Sites for a little while, you may have noticed how tedious it is to constantly be updating the font size, color, or font face every time you make an update to your website.  Well today’s video covers how you can set defaults for these elements as well as change the background, table layout, sidebar, header, footer, and more.  While I’m sure it won’t be a popular video in the series, it is one of my favorites just based on the amount of time is has saved me since recording.


That is it for December content, but let me stand here and reflect with a little bit of happiness.  5 videos posted in one month!  This is really exciting as it means I took advantage of every Friday of the month.  Creating and sticking to a publishing schedule motivates one to work just a little bit harder and etch out the time needed to create and upload content.  I’ll be honest, I have drained my backlog of created content, but hopefully with January and February being so cold up here in Iowa; I will have time to build this back up. 

Again, I feel like I may have said this earlier but I truly mean it.  Take pleasure in small accomplishments when creating or building your online presence.  Know that every little piece of work you do moves you and your brand farther along.  Every video and blog post you create is just one more avenue for people to find you and connect.  So take time to get them right, but don’t focus on perfection. Just focus on movement.

Metric Breakdowns

As you saw at the beginning of the article, I have published a few metrics that I’m going to be monitoring each month to help determine how the website is growing.  These metrics will also prove useful with identifying how the processes implemented that month have affected growth.

Website Views

If you’re using Zoho sites, this can be found by navigating to My Sites > Manage > Statistics

This high level metric simply shows how many times my site was visited by month.  I plan to incorporate Google Analytics in a future video, but for now this will give me enough information to get started.

The table below shows December compared to November website views.  December was another steady month of growth as I hit nearly 400 website views in one month.  I’m very hopeful that this metric will continue to grow at this rate, but only time will tell.

Month Year Website Views Growth % Growth
 11 2016 280 190 211.11%
 12 2016 393 113 40.36%

YouTube Metrics

There are many metrics that can be found in YouTube such as watch times, average duration, likes, and more.  However, I suggest focusing on a few metrics at a time and work to improve the numbers.


This is simply a count of how many people have seen your videos and have ‘liked’ you enough to Subscribe to your channel.  Each subscriber is a potential client.  More importantly, I’m watching this count closely as once I reach 100 subscribers I can create a custom URL.  Such as 

December saw growth by another 3 subscribers.  While I realize these numbers are still very low; it is nice to see an increase and I’m going to again equate this to becoming more active in Social Media and starting to spread my message to other people.

 Month Year YouTube
 Growth % Growth
 11 2016 9 3 50.00%
 12 2016 12 3 33.33%

Total Video Views

The numbers below are the total number of views for all of my videos on YouTube.

December saw a big jump in total number of views.  In fact, December alone had as many views as the previous 6 months prior. 

My top video Create a website using Zoho sites went from 222 total views to 488 views.  Altogether, this video accounts for nearly half of all my views YouTube.

While this may seem disheartening, I’m going to jump on this opportunity and try to optimize and shorten this video to make it more “viewer” friendly.  This is a sign that people are looking for this content and hopefully I can use this video to drive more traffic and subscribers to my channel. 

 Month Year YouTube
 Growth % Growth
 11 2016 480 195 68.42%
 12 2016 981 501 104.38%

Twitter Followers

The last metric I’m going to watch (for now) is Twitter Followers.  These are the number of people that see my tweets.  The higher this number, the more likely I am to hit an interested reader and drive traffic back to my site or YouTube playlist.

December saw a big spike in Twitter followers.  I have continued to reach out and try to connect with new people every day.  Some of them follow me back and some don’t.  Only a small percentage of my followers see my tweets, but over time as the subscriber count grows the more likely I will be to send a tweet that will resonate with someone and have them become interested in my work.  Slow and steady will win the race.

 Month Year Twitter Followers Growth % Growth
 11 2016 210 210
 12 2016 614 404 192.38%

Final Thoughts

While getting ready for this December month in review, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  November had been my best month so far and I was worried there may be a drop off to December.  But the opposite had occurred.  YouTube, Twitter, and Website metrics have all gone up.  While I don’t have any big plans for January, 2017 yet; I will continue down the road of publishing and sharing consistent content.  You never know when you’ll create a video or blog post that resonates with people.

My hope is that this article has helped you in some way or at least allowed you to get to know me a little bit better.  I hope to hear from you with any thoughts or suggestions for future monthly reviews.  As always, have a blessed day and take care.


Paul Stevens

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