By: Paul | January 03, 2017

Download Font Awesome to Boost your Blog!

We all know the importance of blog images in posts.

Even the best crafted message will still be improved with a well placed and well designed image.

Today's video focuses on improving your blog by inserting Font Awesome scalable vector icons into your blog images to take them to the next level.

Scalable Vector - means the image can be resized as big or as small as you want without pixelation.

Not sure what I mean, take a look at the following slideshow and think about which image would you want in your post.

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By: Paul | December 28, 2016

Have you ever wondered why some blogs always appear at the top of Google's search results?

Have you also wondered how you can get your blog articles to appear higher in the list?

SEO for beginner bloggers

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By: Paul | December 20, 2016


How to best use Twitter for business.....the question that has plagued businesses for decades.  Ok, so only one decade.  (Twitter was founded in 2006)

While I don't have an answer to that question, I can help you better schedule your posts.

If you are a small business or solopreneur, this can be a tremendous help.

Why should you schedule posts?

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By: Paul | December 15, 2016


If you're uploading content to YouTube, then you know how important it is to drive traffic back to your channel.

Today's video shows you exactly how to do this with YouTube's new feature 'End Screen'

I'll also discuss which elements you should be using and why.

  • How to Add an Element
    • Subscribe Button
    • Attaching Videos and Playlists
      • Best for viewer
      • Most recent upload
      • Choose a video or playlist
    • Promote another channel
    • Attach external link

So sit back and see how in 8 minutes you can improve your channel by using the new End Screen.

Just another easy way to build your #lunchhour.

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By: Paul | December 12, 2016

and why you should want to!

Quick, off the top of your head.

Name one suggestion that will make your blog better?


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